Are You Saying No (for no good reason)?

Come down from your fences…and open the gate. —The Eagles

Life coaching sounds pretty cheesy. We coaches are aware of this so you don’t need to hide your smirks. In reality, we are working to dramatically transform peoples’ lives under the somewhat unflattering cover identity of life coach. As part of this mission, I recently attended the non-cheesy Martha Beck Coaches Convention. The best-in-class-smarty-pants-coaching-dynamos organize mind-boggling workshops to ensure we are changing the world one client at a time in the best possible way. A cinch, right?

One of the workshops was about group coaching. My immediate response was, “I’m not interested. I love one-on-one coaching.” The love part is very true. But is it true that I wouldn’t like to coach in a different way? I hadn’t really considered it and so I instantly said no. Turns out I had an imaginary mental fence that was limiting my opportunities. Not sure how the fence got there – and it doesn’t much matter. I don’t need to know how I got a sliver in my foot to know that I want it gone.

Are you saying no to new ideas? And if so, why? Sometimes we label something as fear and turn in the other direction. There is a good chance that a perceived fear is just white noise. And when investigated, the resistance evaporates. How do you know when a fence is merely fear? Because you feel a sense of freedom when you imagine it gone.

And when you feel free to choose, your life gets a lot more interesting.

You really can fear LESS so you can live MORE. Find out how I can help. And check out my favorite online magazine, fear less, to read about famous and not so famous people who have dissolved fear to pursue the life they are meant to live.

p.s. Quoting a 70’s band might be cheesy — but in a good way, right?

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