Accidental Magic

I’ve been making some magic — in spite of myself. Since I don’t want to bogart the magic, I’m revealing the secret for other wanna-be wizards.
You’ll see I’ve got nothing up my sleeve…

The Magic Touch
Magic happens when you wish for something AND let go of your need for it to happen.

What kind of hocus pocus is that?!

Well, think of it as walking a tightrope between desire and detachment.

Desire + Detachment = Magic

My magical method is accidental because I sometimes forget about my dreams. I submit to you three recent examples:

1) The Dalai Lama was coming to San Diego. I don’t read his books or follow him on Facebook, but I know he is one cool dude. I tried to get tickets and they sold out in minutes. Initially I was disappointed, but soon forgot about it. Fast forward a few months to a cocktail reception in Scottsdale. Some party people were talking about the Dalai Lama and I said, “I tried to get tickets but couldn’t.” A stranger said to me, “I have an extra ticket. Do you want it?”  Voila.

2) You may know about my desire to work with military families. For a number of reasons, I’ve had a heck of time reaching this audience. I’ve tried various approaches, but ended up frustrated and tired. I decided to put away that dream for a while. I kept the desire, but let go of the “how” and “when”. Months later, I was contacted by an organization devoted to military spouses. I am now serving on their board of directors. Abracadabra.

3) For a long time, I have dreamed of going on a safari. Each year I felt a deep longing, but that trip was not in the budget. And with every missed opportunity, I felt sad. This year I decided to feel the desire without being sad. I was okay with waiting another year or two or more. I truly let go and felt peaceful about it. That same night — while I slept — my husband signed me up for a safari. When I found out, I cried. Then I freaked out about the money. My husband calmly said, “We will find the money”. Uh, hello. This life coach can learn a lot from that man and his BLATANT DISREGARD FOR THE IMPOSSIBLE. Shazam.

You could say that other people made my dreams come true or you could say I worked some magic.
Either way, it pays to play.

I can’t explain how it works. If I could, it would not be magic.

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