You are braver than you think.

Last weekend, I agreed to be strapped to a wild, red-haired man at 13,000 feet. The two of us fell backward out of an airplane and sailed through the clouds at 120 MPH.
It was crazy, daring and so damn fun!!

free fall

A free-fall dive was NOT on my bucket list – and still I said yes. I’ve been craving more adventure in my life so when opportunity knocked, a tiny part of me leaned forward. I was definitely nervous, but I also know that I may never feel 100% ready for the next adventure.

People who skydive don’t mess around. They move very quickly and don’t allow you even three seconds to reexamine your sanity. These guys know that if you think too much, you’ll abort the mission.

Our brains are hardwired to keep us safe. And it’s a darn good thing. Unfortunately, this very instinct often overpowers our desires. If we wait until we feel confident or brave, we may never budge. Pursuing a heart’s desire almost always requires a leap of faith. And you know what? Falling out of an airplane was surprisingly easy. It turns out I am braver than I thought.

What dreams are you pushing aside? What adventure is calling you? It WILL get scary, but you can jump into your wings.

And one more thing…sanity is overrated. It’s time to soar.

thumbs up

Speaking of adventure, my trip to South Africa with Martha Beck was featured in Oprah Magazine! Go here to read about Martha’s magical retreat and see stunning photos of the lions and leopards that followed us. You may see me there too!

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