The Year of Magical Thinking

Last year blew my mind. Some crazy business went down — and I never saw it coming. If you had asked me what kind of year I wanted, I would have said something like “less bumps and more fun”. Little did I know that the fun I ordered would take me to the edge of the world and 14,000 feet into the sky. Some highlights:

I went on a thrilling safari adventure in South Africa. Amazing photos here.
The beautiful story of that trip was featured in Oprah Magazine. My face is in there!
I jumped out of an airplane — strapped to a wild ginger — and flew through the clouds at 140 MPH.
I hosted a virtual book club (and I hardly read books).
I went to see the Dalai Lama. Holy moly.
I bent a spoon with my mind. Yes, that actually happened!

I am not writing this to reminisce. Instead, I want you to know that I did not anticipate these exact experiences. Most of them never occurred to me. When I set an intention to have A Fun Year, I was open to how it would unfold. I let go of any ideas about when, where and with whom the fun would happen. Staying focused but loose creates an energetic sweet spot that delivers a more delicious outcome than I might imagine.

There were still bumps in the year, but they were balanced by some magical thinking.

I’m living proof that you can affirmatively wish for what you want. And since your imagination cannot frame up all of the possibilities, leave a little room for what you don’t see. Trust that you will be ready to do things that are astonishing to the person you are right now. Allow yourself to make the mental leap from “This is crazy” to “I will believe”.

Feel the tug of desire.

Encourage courage.

Harvest hope.


You may only know the next step in front of you.

Take that step each day.

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