I stole someone’s fortune.





I was awfully jealous when a friend posted this fortune on Facebook. I straight-up told her that I’m stealing it. Luckily, she’s a nice person and sent me a copy.

I wanted this to be MY fortune! I now reject any cookie that tells me I have a positive outlook on life. Snoooooooze. The Chinese restaurant will not be the boss of me. Let’s break it down.

YOUR LIFE: That’s hella right. It’s time to take my fortune back.
DASHING: not hesitating in the face of possible danger
BOLD: courageous, confident, fearless; ready to take risks
ADVENTURE: an exciting or very unusual experience

Stealing this dashing + bold adventure fortune means things have to be different. I can no longer hesitate on that hip-hop dance class that scares the crap out of me. I must be fearless about surfing in January’s cold waves. I will put on snowshoes and explore the back roads of Montana.

You don’t need a cookie to tell you how to live, but please just play along. What do you want your fortune to be?

Maybe now is the time to take note, set down the remote, put on your coat, jump the moat and rock the boat. Then send me a note – if only to gloat.

Stealers, keepers. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

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