What Master Coach Training taught me.

I have no clue why I signed up for seven months of intense, rigorous training and “playing to my edge”. There was nothing rational about it; it just felt right. Master Coach Training is as difficult as it sounds — and I was drawn to it. I learned a ton about being a better coach and I picked up a few bonus lessons that hopefully will inspire you.

Lesson #1: You can do more than you think.
Surely you know this, but have you tested it lately? Last year, I was required to endure public speaking, teach a class, develop a new retreat, create a product and write a self-help article for publication in a magazine. I wouldn’t have pursued these brain blisters on my own. With each assignment, it seemed clear that I would never, ever, EVER meet the brutal deadline. It was only late at night — and I mean, every night — that I started to feel the tiniest bit insane. And somehow, I did everything I had to do.

graduation made me thirsty

Graduation made me thirsty.

These assignments (and many more) forced me to get crystal clear about the work I want to put out in the world. Knee-deep in irony, I focused on ways we can cultivate courage. I completed the public speaking assignment and figured it would be my first and last time. I was wrong. I’ve been asked to give two more talks — and I said yes!

Trying new things reminds me of how capable I am. Think of what you can handle now versus a year ago.

Pushing yourself toward brain blisters and butt-kickers can be scary and exciting. To keep the scary stuff under control, I remember author Elizabeth Gilbert’s words — “Mastery is boring”.

buy the adventure ticket

PC: Susan Honnell

Lesson #2: Buy the adventure ticket.
When I was on safari in South Africa, I ate adventure for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Each time I climbed into the jeep, I had no idea what would happen or which animals we’d see. The guide can only follow the tracks in front of the jeep. When tracking your right life, remember that you might not know where you’re going, but you do know how to get there. You only need to know the next track.

In addition to master coach training, my adventure ticket took me on unplanned trips to Italy, Vail, Cabo and Washington, DC. I learned Transcendental Meditation (what?), signed up for an integrity cleanse (yikes) and became part of a new village of master coaches who “get me” and support me. I didn’t plan any of these adventures, yet when the opportunities appeared, each one felt right or necessary — or both.

If you bought the adventure ticket, see if you can surrender your need to know the future. This may be a minute-by-minute practice. Remember, if you knew what was going to happen, you couldn’t call it an adventure!

And if you don’t want adventure, you can skip the safari and go to the zoo. They’ve got signs that direct you to the animals.

horse loveLesson #3: Don’t give a damn.
Near the end of master coach training, I attended a retreat at Martha Beck’s North Star Ranch in San Luis Obispo, CA. There was horse whispering and all kinds of magic making. To close the retreat, each coach was asked to share a blessing with the group. This assignment stumped me. While others wrote earnestly in their notebooks, I stared at a blank page, stared at the instructors and stared at a blank page again. Then it hit me…

My blessing for you means:
May you care less what others think.
May you care less about controlling things.
May you care less about the rules.
May you care less about the outcome. Do what feels right, right now.
May you care less what anxiety says.
May you care less what fear says. Fear is also boring.

To care less doesn’t mean you love less. It means love MORE and don’t give a damn about things that aren’t serving you.

why do you worry

You’ve got this.
Class dismissed.


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