Are You Too Old To Do What You Love?

Are You Too Old To Do What You Love?

If you’re good at your work but don’t love it, you’re not alone. Many of us are afraid to make a move because we have invested a great deal to get to where we are. That was true for me. I had spent tens of thousands of dollars pursuing a career that no longer made sense. I didn’t want to walk away from that investment…and I hated the idea of starting over.

What helped me move forward was thinking about how much life was ahead of me. At the time, I was 35. I figured I’d work for 30 more years. I’d probably live another 20 years after that. I had 50 years to explore! Making an investment in the next 50 years started to feel very reasonable. And I knew that I didn’t want to extend my current situation far into the future.

Many clients think they should be grateful for the job they have… and that they should suck it up until retirement. Gratitude is fantastic – but here’s the deal, you can be grateful AND want things to be sweeter. Doing work you love generates even more gratitude!

52.jpgWhether you are 35, 45 or 55+, think about how much work is in your future. How much time is left in your life? You can create a lot of change over 10 or 20 years. Life is long – so let’s make it count.

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