Career Change the Right Way: Build It, Better It or Break Free

Build It, Better It or Break Free

If you suffer from Sunday Night Dread because you hate your job

or you’re dreaming of a second career

or work is going okay, but you know it could be better

Here is where you can begin to STEER YOUR CAREER.

I know that small shifts over time will change your course – so I’ve shared some thoughts about my clients’ most common career pains.

Keep reading if you want to find work you LOVE or DEAL with the work you have.

Choose Your Next Career – With No Regrets

Some clients know what they want to do, but aren’t making much progress. Others don’t yet know what type of work would be meaningful and rewarding. And a few clients have numerous dreams and can’t decide which one to pursue. I didn’t fall into any of these categories. I literally bumped into my dream job when I hired a coach for myself. Not only did I find the coaching process to be life-changing, I also thought my coach had THE COOLEST JOB. I have no doubt I was guided to this realization and life path. You don’t have to wait to collide with your best career. You can be proactive instead. Read more…


Are You Too Old To Do What You Love?52.jpg

If you’re good at your work but don’t love it, you’re not alone. Many of us are afraid to make a move because we have invested a great deal to get to where we are. That was true for me. I had spent tens of thousands of dollars pursuing a career that no longer made sense for me. I didn’t want to walk away from that investment…and I hated the idea of starting over. Find out what helped me move forward…


13 People Who Prove It’s Never Too Late For A Career Change

Some of the most successful people didn’t start out on a career path anywhere close to that which eventually made them happy, rich or both. I dig it.


Heart At Work

Before becoming a coach, I never thought about how fulfilling (or not) my work was. I thought I had a good job because a) I liked the people, b) I didn’t have to take work home and c) I received an annual raise. If my quality of life improved each year, I was happy. Then I met that guy I would eventually marry – and he was the complete opposite. He was a workaholic because – get this – HE LOVED WORKING. It was extremely annoying to me. Find out what being annoyed can do to you… 


9 Career Change Success Stories That Will Seriously Inspire You

Read about women who left their desk jobs to become DJs, made moves within their company, switched industries and more!



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