Find Your Love

Find your love

find your loveFirst, how’s your energy? Are you feeling anxious about finding love? Many of us are. We eagerly want to share life experiences with another person, feel supported and cherished. Without these things, life can get pretty damn uncomfortable. This is no surprise — since we humans are literally hard-wired for love, connection and belonging. (If you need convincing, check out Brené Brown’s TED talk on The Power of Vulnerability. She’s got the research to back it up — and she’s hilarious.)

An anxious person looking for love will behave very differently from a peaceful person looking for love — and the results will reflect that energy. When we try to “white-knuckle” a new relationship, the foundation of the relationship is compromised. And it’s highly likely that a partnership built on anxiety will create more anxiety. Once we have that love and connection, we certainly don’t want to lose it.

Your best chance at real connection is to approach new love from a place of peace. You’re probably thinking, “Sounds great — so what the hell do I do?”

The key to dropping the anxiety lies in your mind. Every single thing we do is motivated by how we think it will make us feel. How will love will make you feel? I want you to really think about it. Imagine your future romance — in vivid detail — and notice how you feel. THAT is the energy to bring to new love.

You don’t have to wait until the stars align to feel that way. You can shift from anxiety to peace anytime you want by imagining a new love movie or replaying real love memories. Your energy is a direct reflection of your thoughts – and you are in charge of your thoughts! So why not go in peace??

For learn more about the peace process, check out Flow Rider.