Life Coaching: Get Clear On Your Purpose + Get A Plan.

Get Clear On Your Purpose + Get A Plan

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Upgrading your life doesn’t require a pile of cash or big muscles.

The key is making small, meaningful shifts to create more joy over time.

And joy has a powerful cumulative effect. You’ll see.


Ready to hit the GO button??

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What The Heck Is My Purpose?

You probably know people who had a clear vision of what they wanted to do and be, where they wanted to live, what type of person they’d marry, how many kids they’d have, etc. Maybe you were like that too. If I had stuck with my original vision, I’d be living in a pink house and married to Shawn Cassidy right now. Read more…

If You Read Only One Article About Life Purpose, Read This One.

Martha BeckLife Coach Martha Beck on trusting yourself, finding what makes you happy and GOING FOR IT.

What do you REALLY want to do with your life?

fly soar The majority of us allow other people to chart our life path; however, only you can determine the best direction for your future. Life Design 101 is a personalized coaching program that helps you discover and pursue the life you are meant to live.

Over the course of six one-hour sessions, you will:

  • Identify the key elements that will make your life rich and meaningful.
  • Create a vision for your life and a roadmap for reaching your goals.
  • Recognize and eliminate the obstacles that keep you from moving forward.
  • Understand the cycle of change; where you are and how to stay on track.
  • Know how to make lasting changes in your thinking and behavior.

This program will be tailored to your individual needs. To ensure you get the most out of coaching, you will be asked to complete written assignments between sessions. The outcome of this work provides critical information about your personality, identity and desires as well as the decisions and behaviors that have brought you to this point.

If you have never taken the time to find out what you REALLY want to do with your life, this is your opportunity. Life Design 101 provides the information, inspiration and tools.

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