Heart At Work

Heart At Work

Before becoming a coach, I never thought about how fulfilling (or not) my work was. I thought I had a good job because a) I liked the people, b) I didn’t have to take work home and c) I received an annual raise. If my quality of life improved each year, I was happy. Then I met that guy I would eventually marry and he was the complete opposite. He was a workaholic because – get this – HE LOVED WORKING. It was extremely annoying to me.

At that time, I imagined that maybe 5% of us are lucky enough to like our work. I never aspired to be one of those people. I didn’t think I could be in that small group so I didn’t even pursue it. As time passed, my annoyance toward the Happy Workaholic shifted to an annoyance with myself. How puny my thinking was! I’d settled and hadn’t noticed. Surely this was not my destiny–?

Once I recovered from the shock, I hired a life coach. Together we identified the types of work that would be rewarding and MAKE ME FEEL ALIVE!! If you aren’t sure what your life’s work is, consider where in the world your heart is breaking. What are your soft spots? What hurts your eyes…your head…your heart? Perhaps meaningful work waits for you in one of those places.

I became a coach because I wanted to help people who feel the way I used to feel. Once I learned the tools for creating a meaningful life and career, I wanted to share them. I feel as though I’m running an underground railroad for work zombies. I carry a lantern and whisper, “Follow me, I know the way…”

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