Love: Make it happen

locks of loveLove is not for wimps.

Relationships can be hard work – and I’m not just talking about the romantic ones. Our friends, parents, kids and siblings can make us and break us.

Whether you are looking to find love or better the love you have, read on for some relationship resilience.


Find Your Love

find your loveFirst, how’s your energy? Are you feeling anxious about finding love? Many of us are. We eagerly want to share life experiences with another person, feel supported and cherished. Without these things, life can get pretty damn uncomfortable. This is no surprise — as we humans are literally hard-wired for love, connection and belonging. Keep reading…



You’ve Got Love (and it’s driving you crazy)

Love is a serious mental diseaseWelcome to a relationship. I can almost guarantee that the people you’ve attracted into your life are the people best equipped to push all of your buttons. It’s designed that way. Sounds pretty sucky at first, but I believe that there are aspects of our personalities that can only be developed when we’re in a relationship. If you’re open to this type of growth, your people can show you where you have some work to do…



Martha BeckBreaking Up Without Falling Down

Read Martha Beck’s wise guide to getting through the agony of a heartbreak.



The (Relationship) Clash: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?



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