Soul Safari: Damn Thirsty Adventure Camp 2018

SOUL SAFARI: Damn Thirsty Adventure Camp

October 19-23, 2018 | Londolozi Private Game Reserve | South Africa

Get ready to remember…

How did you get here? To this moment? And where are you going? How will you get there? Will you even know when you’ve arrived?

Our whole lives, we are divinely guided and yet we rarely trust our internal guidance systems. We ask the big questions and ignore the answers. Or we have forgotten how to listen. It has been trained out of us with our rules, reason, and routine. We seek connection through devices and wifi. And without this digital connection? We feel lost.

But the only real connection we’ve lost is with our truest nature, our deepest wisdom, and our inherent knowledge of who we are and where we are headed. We have lost a connection with our soul. We have been lulled into the comfort and security of sameness—the day in and day out of our caged lives—so much so that we no longer know what it means to be wild and untamed. We have forgotten the freedom in being our authentic selves. We have forgotten how to answer the deepest yearnings of our life.

Fortunately, there is a land that remembers all that you have forgotten and will remind you how to reconnect with your soul’s intuitive guidance. There is a land where wildness is rewarded and living from instinct is not only natural, but necessary. And there is a place that is so ancient and wise that it has become home to an entire, brilliant ecosystem of the most precious animals on the planet—including the soft and tender animal of your soul.

That land is South Africa. That place is Londolozi. The land is ready to help you remember what it means to be wild and how it feels to be guided. That place is waiting for you.

Welcome to Soul Safari.

Wilderness is not a luxury,
but a necessity of the human spirit.

-Edward Abbey

What to Expect

Your Soul Safari includes five days and four nights of exhilarating game drives, luxury accommodations, gourmet meals, incredible community, and several rounds of bold coaching. We’ll be staying at the “heart and soul of Londolozi,” the historic Varty Camp.

Twice a day, we’ll climb into open-air jeeps and head out on safari. In between these wild rides, we’ll be tracking YOUR SOULFUL ADVENTURE. There will also be plenty of time for rest, yoga or a relaxing massage. The intention is to immerse yourself in nature so you can clearly hear the messages from your soul.

On this Soul Safari, you will:

  • Learn new, powerful ways to access your intuitive guidance system
  • Clarify your values, preferences, and heart’s desires in order to create a clear direction for a fulfilling future
  • Identify and solve the challenges that keep you trapped in an everyday cage of “sameness”
  • Develop a soulful plan to help you live a wilder and more meaningful life.
  • Discover what it truly means to “live guided”
  • Join a tribe of fellow adventurers who will help support you in following your soulful plan.

Your other camp counselor is Jessica Steward—my soul sister, fellow master coach, and interfaith minister. Together we designed this intimate and amped-up camp so you can lead your life with authenticity, clarity, and intuitive guidance. You’ll leave Londolozi with a compass and map for your next soulful adventure!

Your Soul Safari will look something like this:

Day 1: Get In the Jeep

Need more direction and clarity in your life? A compass only works when you’re moving. On our first day together, we’ll jump in the jeep and learn how to overcome the seduction of staying the same and how nature can help us access—and listen to—our internal guidance.

  • Arrive at Londolozi
  • Afternoon Tea and Introductions
  • Afternoon Game Drive
  • Dinner: Clarify intentions for the retreat and for your life

Day 2: Go Wide

Day in and day out, our lives can grow stagnant and narrow. Together, we’ll learn how to let the land and the animals widen your perceptions and help you remember your wildest yearnings and deepest desires.  

  • Sunrise Game Drive
  • Breakfast: Remember your heart’s desires
  • Mid-Day Break
  • Afternoon Tea: Align your heart’s desires with your soul’s guidance
  • Afternoon Game Drive
  • Dinner: Share your heart’s desires

Day 3: Go Wild

Your compass shows you the direction but not how fast to go, how steep the incline or where the potholes are. You’ll learn how to navigate in the fog and handle setbacks and roadblocks. There are signs and synchronicities everywhere — and they can help you find your way back to the path even in the most challenging circumstances.

  • Sunrise Game Drive
  • Breakfast: Identify the challenges of your heart’s desire
  • Mid-Day Break
  • Afternoon Tea: Receive guidance on your challenges
  • Afternoon Game Drive
  • Dinner: Brainstorm with the tribe

Day 4: Your Soulful Adventure

On a safari, you may be tracking an animal that you’ve never seen before. And yet, there are clues to take you there. It’s likely that your new vision will also take you into the wild unknown!! Once you’ve identified your desires and challenges, we’ll clarify your vision and design a plan to get there. You’ll learn how to track something new.

  • Sunrise Game Drive
  • Breakfast: Create a vision for your soulful adventure
  • Mid-Day Break
  • Afternoon Tea: Design a realistic, actionable soulful plan
  • Afternoon Game Drive
  • Dinner: Celebrate under the stars!

Day 5: Live Guided

On our final day together, you’ll discover what it means for YOU to live guided—no matter where your soulful adventure takes you!

  • Sunrise Game Drive
  • Breakfast
  • Closing Ceremony
  • Depart for airport

Your adventure includes:

  • Five days, four nights at the luxurious Londolozi Private Game Reserve
  • Twice daily game drives — see elephants, giraffes, lions, rhinos, cheetahs, hippos, zebras, birds galore, and more!
  • Delicious, gourmet meals (including house wines, local brand spirits and beers)
  • Daily group coaching
  • A private, one-hour coaching session with Jessica or Wendy
  • Transfers to and from the lodge
  • Daily yoga class
  • Fitness room access
  • Daily laundry service

Join Us

There’s only room in the jeep for 12 campers. Will one of them be YOU?

It’s nearly impossible to describe the emotional, physical, and spiritual enchantment that happens at Londolozi — so I invite you to watch this and imagine yourself there.

Yes, it’s ALL THAT plus life coaching.

If you’re ready for some wild magic, grab your passport! It’s time to live guided.

  • Double Occupancy Room: $6800*
  • Single Occupancy Room: $9800*

If you’re traveling alone and want to share a chalet, we’ll coordinate a roommate for you.


* Airfare and gratuities are not included.


Feel free to contact me. I’m also happy to schedule a time to talk about Londolozi’s luxury accommodations, life coaching, your purpose, adventure, big animals, yoga, gourmet meals, South African wine, and the best iced coffee you’ll ever have.

Whatever your soul is thirsting for, we can track it together…in Africa.
Join us for the trip of a lifetime!!


Come Thirsty. Leave Fulfilled.

Refund Policy

If you cancel on or before July 15, 2018, you will be refunded the fee paid, less a $1,000 administration fee. If you cancel between July 16, 2018, and August 31, 2018, 50% of the fee will be refunded. No refunds will be issued for cancellations received after August 31, 2018.

Photo Credits: Londolozi Private Game Reserve