What Clients Say

  • Wendy Kranz is a sharp, warm, enthusiastic, truly gifted life coach. Her style is extremely supportive; if you’re in the middle of a complicated life change or want to push yourself to unprecedented levels, Wendy will yank you up and hold onto you while you get your bearings. She’s the perfect coach for someone who wants five-star treatment. Hire her as a treat for yourself.

    —Martha Beck, Life Coach, Author + Speaker

  • Wendy’s coaching is always thoughtful and actionable. I have never met someone who possesses all of these characteristics and still has the ability to create an environment of safety and warmth for the people she works with.

    —John Yamin, Chief Executive Officer

  • I bellied up to the Damn Thirsty bar over five years ago and have never looked back. The playful, wise, bold coaching of Wendy Kranz knocked down the thoughts that were holding me back and allowed me to pursue a more adventurous, joyful life. For that reason, Wendy will always be my go-to coach.

    —Tracy Carrothers

  • Do you know why I love Wendy Kranz? Because not only is she a powerfully effective coach, but she is also hilariously funny and refreshingly honest. I hate hanging up the phone when our session ends and coo in delight when I get an email from her. There's a lot more I could say, but in truth—I only get coached by the best and I am proud to call Wendy my coach.

    —Jessica Steward, Master Certified Life Coach & Chief Mischief Maker, Steward Coaching

  • For over 12 years now Wendy has walked beside me, encouraged, challenged, cared and advised me through many major losses and hurdles along my life’s journey. I’m a better leader, father, brother and friend because of Wendy Kranz.

    —Tom Hebner, Vice President of Operations

  • Wendy Kranz is the coolest cat-surfer-girl-zen-master coach ever! Her compassion and understanding support you in finding your way to clarity and it changes your life – for real. She is a spiritual gangsta. You don’t waste a second when you work with Wendy as she asks the perfect questions that hit precisely on what is blocking you from peace, joy or whatever it is that is limiting you. And guess what – it’s not even hard! She makes it feel so easy and manageable and that everything is going to be ok – sometimes you don’t even have to do anything, you just clean up your thoughts and things just change.

    —Michelle Rashid

  • Wendy Kranz changed my life. I was divinely led to her life coaching at a time when I was yearning to create the second half of my life pursuits with no map in sight. Her bright light coaching enabled me to pick up my compass and follow my north star of living on purpose. I continue to use the tools she taught me on a daily basis. Having her guiding light through my transformation was invaluable.


  • Wendy Kranz helped me to change my life. I was stuck in a misery loop and had no idea how to get out of it. Wendy's gift is understanding that the struggles we all create are not the result of who we are, rather how much we've let others tell us who we should be. She is so skilled at asking just the right questions!  It was important for me to discover the answers on my own and Wendy let me do that. She helped me realize that the answers are all within me and she guided me to find them.


  • In all the personal and professional permutations of life, Wendy Kranz offers sage counsel, kind humor and an unfailing ability to help her clients see the rising tide of promise.

    —Kristi Jones, CEO Vinforia

  • Everyone needs a Wendy Kranz. Wendy has been my coach for over five years now. She has been my lifeboat at times when I didn't see a viable path to shore. Wendy reminds me that all feelings are true, but questioning our thoughts behind our feelings can change our lives in magnificent ways. I'm constantly evolving and Wendy is always there to guide me through when I feel stuck.

    —H. Sheldon

  • Wendy Kranz is a fantastic listener and maintained an excellent history of the issues and challenges we discussed. She was prompt, responsive and gave me a unique perspective and insight to my personal situations that I had not even considered. She was able to coach me through difficult relationship issues from a perspective that enabled me and my girlfriend to have calm, collected and successful discussions about our relationship.

    —A.J., Executive Recruiter

  • Wendy Kranz instills self-sufficiency. She gets to know what is important for me, sets my compass and provides tools of how to check in with it. When I am confronted with challenges or big decisions, I know how to conduct self-diagnosis. I have clarity on how I should proceed according to what is important to me and the big picture.

    —Lisa, Director of Sales

  • Before coaching, I was paralyzed by depression and fear. I felt like I was dying emotionally. Now I feel that I am growing and moving forward. I am happy – I feel safe. I am able to pass Wendy’s guidance and wisdom on to my two daughters and I feel that my improved life is the best example I can set for them.

    —L.M., Senior Manager

  • I am grateful for the help and guidance Wendy Kranz provided in navigating my career path. The help Wendy has given me through her empathetic listening, her ability to keep me on track, and, at times, her tough love have truly guided me towards the life I know I deserve to have.  

    —Melisa, Design Director

  • Wendy has the ability to ask amazing, thought-provoking questions that enable a person to get clear on issues great and small. I would highly recommend Wendy Kranz as a life coach. She will get you where your heart’s desire is leading you.

    —Janice Supplee

  • Just when I thought I couldn’t live through one more day, Wendy Kranz puts it all in a sentence, culls it all down to a manageable portion and gets me to the next level. Before I know it, my life is moving forward.


  • Wendy Kranz has helped me through many issues: infertility, raising a challenging child, marital difficulties and divorce, legal problems, and work issues to name a few. She has guided me and helped to “heal” me time and time again.

    —Lynn, Office Manager

  • Her reassuring demeanor and suggestions of “tools I can put in my tool box” are priceless. Wendy Kranz is a natural coach who lives her life the way she advises her clients. She is a breath of fresh air who offers kindness and knowledge with every meeting.

    —S.R., Consumer Relations Manager