How is coaching different from therapy?

Most therapy is focused on finding the cause of an emotion or behavior and this usually involves analyzing the past. Conversely, coaching is focused on your current thoughts, emotions and behaviors — the only things we can truly influence. Thoughts and emotions are what drive your behavior and ultimately the results you are getting (or not getting) in your life.

My objective is to help you recognize the life you are meant to live and provide the tools to keep you on that path. Click here to learn more about how coaching works.

What are the outcomes of coaching?
  • Successfully navigate change and transitions — career, illness, retirement, parenthood, empty nest, the end or beginning of a relationship, etc.
  • Take a leadership role in your life by clarifying what you ultimately want and designing action plans to get there.
  • Expand your vision of what is possible by dissolving limiting beliefs and other sources of resistance that keep you stuck.
  • Stop living for others and instead, reorient your life around what is personally meaningful to you.
  • Restore life balance with a healthy dispersal of time for work, relationships and you.
  • Increase wellness in all areas of your life — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational – so you can move toward your highest potential.

What should I expect?

As a coach, I am here to inquire, encourage, challenge, listen and make honest appraisals so that you can see what you want to do. Giving you advice has little value. Coaching is a process that reveals your own insights and answers. We will use exercises and tools to access information needed for the deliberate and mindful creation of your finest life. My focus will be to determine what you want in life and establish a plan to achieve it. To ensure you get the most out of coaching, I may assign homework for you to complete between sessions.

People often have questions about coaching and the impact it can have in their lives. As an introduction, I offer a complimentary consultation to discuss my coaching services and how they can support your desired changes.

I offer individual coaching sessions as well as Life Design 101, a six-session package that includes a discount from my regular rate.

I conduct sessions over the phone or in person at the Damn Thirsty offices in San Diego and Seattle.

How often will we meet?

Some clients work with me to address a specific need or goal. Others prefer ongoing support as they navigate life’s changes. The frequency of our meetings is determined by your desire for change. If you are interested in generating momentum in a short period of time, weekly or bi-weekly meetings may work best. If you are headed in the right direction and need occasional support along the way, you may prefer coaching on demand. I do not require a coaching contract; therefore, scheduling is based on your particular circumstances.

When does coaching end?

Once you are comfortable with the coaching tools, you can apply them to any situation or problem. Essentially, you are developing the skills to self-coach. Even with the best tools, we all can benefit from a coach’s perspective when feeling stuck and I want to provide support for whatever challenge you are facing.

I anticipate that you will end coaching when you have accomplished your goals or when you need a break. Together we will monitor your progress and work to ensure a smooth transition into and out of coaching.


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