What Eminem taught me about risk.

Inspiration is often hanging out in unexpected places. While standing in line at an airport Jamba Juice, I saw this –

Go out on a limb. That's where the fruit is.Love it. The actual Mark Twain quote begins with a question, “Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is.”
The Jamba Juice one works better for me since it’s a bossy command. It stirs up some 4th grade fierceness — and I remember a time when going out on a limb was a daily adventure.

Jamba Juice led me to Mark Twain, which (naturally) led to Eminem:

if you had one shot, or one opportunity
to seize everything you ever wanted–
one moment,
would you capture it or just let it slip?


Smoothie chain, brilliant author or rap star — who cares where you find inspiration? Just find it and head out on a limb! To help you get on with it, here are some thoughts on taking risks.

— Every thing that was achieved or created was first imagined by someone. Imagining an activity and executing it are not as different as they sound. Brain scans show that when you imagine taking action, many of the same parts of the brain are activated. If you imagine going out on a limb or observe another person doing so, your brain responds as if you’re actually doing it. Visualization creates new neural pathways that can improve your performance. We should probably spend as much time visualizing as doing. It’s the ultimate placebo!

— Imagining a daring climb can also bring up feelings of fear and dread. Start by simply acknowledging what’s going on. “I’m freaking out! This is me freaking out right now!” And then imagine releasing the fear in the same way you’d toss a Frisbee. It’s only a thought and nothing more. If the fear returns, toss another Frisbee. Repeat as needed.

— Kick your inner critic to the curb. YOU ARE IN CHARGE — so turn down the volume on your critic and turn up some music that feeds your soul. Lose Yourself by Eminem makes me feel like I can do any-freakin’-thing.

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment.
You own it; you better never let it go.


— Remind yourself often of why you want to get some new fruit. For example, running a marathon would make me feel strong and capable. Interviewing for my dream job means I’m taking charge of my life. Going on a date means I am open to new people and experiences.

— To keep moving, think of times you trusted yourself — and succeeded. C’mon now, recall at least three examples:


— If you end up in the wrong place, head back and go out on another limb. Trial and error is a necessary component of learning and growth. Although it feels super crappy at times, recovering from failure is how we develop a few of my favorite life skills:

AGILITY: the power of moving quickly and easily
RESILIENCE: the speedy recovery from problems
COURAGE: inner strength


Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage



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If you want more info about using neural pathways to shift your life, check out Danielle LaPorte’s discussion on laying down some new mind grooves.


I redesigned the Damn Thirsty website (whew…) and added new articles — such as Choose Your Next Career With No Regrets, You’ve Got Love (and it’s driving you crazy) + much more…


On my damn blog, you’ll find some of my favorite posts: Your Permission to be Uncool, Let Go or Be Dragged and The Day the Ocean Swallowed My Ray-Bans (or how to survive life’s choppy waters).

That’s all for now. Hope your last weeks of summer are refreshing ones —


Come thirsty. Leave fulfilled.

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